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Jun 5, 2015

‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ NEWS: Will Ronnie Raymond Die? Victor Garber Confirms Robbie Amell’s Fate

One of the major mysteries surrounding the upcoming CW television “Legends of Tomorrow” is whether or not Robbie Amell will join the cast as the other half of the superhero Firestorm.

It has been confirmed that Ronnie Raymond will be a series regular for Season Two of “The Flash” but some fans have speculated that he will die in the midseason finale.

The death of Ronnie would be an excellent catalyst for Caitlin Snow to become the villain Killer Frost and would explain why Robbie Amell hasn’t been seen in any of the promotional footage for “Legends of Tomorrow,” muses Cinema Blend.

However, during the featurette “Inside DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” Amell’s “Flash” co-star Victor Garber hinted that the other half of Firestorm may still be around.

Garber told DC All-Access host Tiffany Smith that Dr. Martin Stein’s other half will definitely be around in the “Legends of Tomorrow” universe, adds Bleeding Cool News.

Even though the “Legends of Tomorrow” star didn’t refer to Ronnie by name, it is highly likely that Robbie Amell will make a few guest appearances on the new CW show from time to time.

Perhaps Dr. Stein starts off as an advisor to the team of misfits and heroes but after losing a battle with Vandal Savage, he will convince Ronnie to join the team.

Ronnie merging with Dr. Stein and becoming Firestorm once more would break Caitlin’s heart, since he promised to stay in Central City after they got married in “The Flash” season finale.

Her husband’s broken promise could also explain how sweet-natured Caitlin starts down the path to becoming the comic book villain Killer Frost as well.

Meanwhile, Caity Lotz hinted that Sara Lance will have a pretty dark storyline in “Legends of Tomorrow.”

She told DC All-Access that Sara is going to have an “interesting” plot due to the fact that she was brought back to life thanks to the League of Assassin’s Lazarus Pit.

It has already been established in “Arrow” Season Three that someone who has been resurrected can come back with a damaged psyche, and it is likely that “Legends of Tomorrow” will explore the repercussions of resurrecting someone who has been dead for such a long time.

Finally, Wentworth Miller hinted that fans will several different sides to Captain Cold in “Legends of Tomorrow.”

The former “Prison Break” star pointed out that while Leonard Snart is not a hero, working with “the good guys” will certainly influence his way of thinking, says Carter Matt.

Miller added that he’s very excited to explore Captain Cold’s “shades of grey” so that the audience can see he’s not just a one-note villain but a very complex man.

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