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Apr 26, 2015

‘Max’ Movie: 5 Reasons To See Action Adventure With Robbie Amell About Military Working Dogs

If you love dogs, then it is highly likely that you’ll see “The Flash” star, Robbie Amell’s upcoming film “Max.” The film revolves around the younger brother of a Marine, who was killed in action; using lots of love and patience, he helps his deceased sibling’s Military Working Dog learn to love again.

However, if you still need some persuasion to see what is surely going to be a tearjerker, read on now!

Here are the top five reasons why you should definitely go see “Max” when it opens on June 26:

1) “Max” Celebrates The Bond Between Human And Canine
We’ve all heard the term “dogs are man’s best friend,” right? Let’s face it: this statement is very true because dogs know when we’re upset and will often go to great lengths to cheer us up.

However, there’s a very special bond between handlers and their Military Working Dogs.

For example, Marine Corporeal Jose Armenta adopted his German Shepherd Zenit in 2012 after he was injured in Afghanistan. His loyal friend’s presence helped him during the rehabilitation process, said Armenta to the National Geographic.

2) The Spirit Of The Belgian Malinois Breed Is Honored In “Max”
While most people are more familiar with German Shepherds, Animal Planet’s “Dogs 101” points out that the Malinois is the dog of choice for the police and armed forces due to their trainability and intense work ethic.

However, these beautiful working dogs are not your average house pet: Belgian Malinois are intense. They need an experienced owner who can work with them in getting daily required physical and mental exercise.

For dog owners who have experience in handling high-drive working dogs, the Malinois make the perfect pet; they excel at dog sports such as IPO/Schutzhund, agility and nosework too!

3) The Audience Learns More About The Role Of Military Working Dogs
Another reason why you should see “Max” is the fact that viewers will learn just how vital Military Working Dogs are to the armed forces.

In fact, “War Dogs: Tales Of Canine Heroism, History, And Love” author Rebecca Frankel calls them the military’s greatest advantage in overcoming IED, noted Scientific American.

Now, “Max” will honor these canines and their handlers by weaving their courage into an incredibly gripping film.

4) “Max” Does Not Gloss Over The Topic Of Canine PTSD
In the trailer for “Max,” Kyle’s little brother notices that the beautiful Belgian Malinois starts to have the canine equivalent of a panic attack in his kennel during a fireworks display. Then, he figures out that the poor dog has PTSD from his time in Afghanistan.

The four-legged canine is not a superhero unlike “Lassie” or “Rin Tin Tin;” instead, he’s suffered the loss of his handler and is traumatized by what he’s seen as a Military Working Dog.

Sadly, Max’s issues were not made up as a plot point for the movie. Many Military Working Dogs have returned from the battlefield suffering from PTSD; they often need lots of extra love and training to help them overcome their behavioral issues, added NPR.

5) “Max” Is A Loving Homage To The Armed Forces
Even though Robbie Amell’s Marine character probably won’t be in the movie a lot, he’s still central to the heart of the story; his presence is keenly felt both by Max and his younger brother, too.

“Max” is a loving homage to the armed forces courageous soldiers, who face a lot of struggles while on the battlefield.

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