Military Dog Drama ‘Max’ Comes to Theaters in January

The big screen drama Max, from MGM, tells a story inspired by true life events centering on a working military dog named Max, who is traumatized after his handler dies in Afghanistan, and his relationship with the handler’s bereaved family. When Max, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, returns to the U.S. from active service following his handler’s death, he is adopted by the Marine’s bereaved family and becomes particularly close to his younger brother, Justin, a troubled and wayward 14-year-old.

With Max continuing to suffer from trauma and exhibiting erratic behavior, the friendship is clearly as beneficial to the K-9 as it is to the boy. In addition to the relationship providing comfort that heals deep emotional wounds, new information is brought to light concerning the Marine’s death, and Justin and Max team up to unravel a secret.

Starring as Justin is Josh Wiggins (Hellion). Also starring is veteran film and TV actor Thomas Haden Church, who was last seen in the spiritual movie Heaven is for Real, along with Lauren Graham (Parenthood), Robbie Amell (1600 Penn and The Flash), and Joseph Julian Soria (Supernatual).

Writing and directing this family adventure film is Boaz Yakin, best known for writing the 2013 crime mystery Now You See Me. His most high-profile project as a director was Remember the Titans. Collaborating on the screenplay for this new movie was Sheldon Lettich (Rambo III).

Max will arrive in theaters nationwide Jan. 30, 2015.


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