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Dec 26, 2013

The Amell Cousins: Stephen vs. Robbie

In a masterful stroke of marketing magic, The CW decided to air both of its shows starring a member of the Amell clan on Wednesdays. Arrow and The Tomorrow People have brought fans together to celebrate “Amell Wednesdays.” But let’s answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: who’s better, Stephen Amell or Robbie Amell?

The CW Shows
If we’re pitting Arrow, a reboot of the DC Green Arrow superhero, against The Tomorrow People, a reboot of a 1970s British sci-fi show, it’s not hard to choose. Arrow, now in its second season, has grown into its own as the best superhero show on TV while The Tomorrow People still has some kinks to work out.
Stephen 1, Robbie 0

The Heroes
However, if we take a look at Oliver Queen and Stephen Jameson, who would you really want to be the hero of your city? They’ve both got the selfless thing down — they’re willing to do anything to save someone’s life, especially if that person is someone they love — but while Oliver is good with a bow, Stephen has actual superpowers: telekinesis, telepathy, teleportation, and he can stop time.
Stephen 1, Robbie 1

The Resume
Both Stephen and Robbie have plenty of roles under their belts. Stephen bounced around with small bit parts before landing bigger roles on Hung, Private Practice, and Heartland. Meanwhile, Robbie stuck to media geared toward a younger crowd: Life with Derek, True Jackson VP and Scooby Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster.
Stephen 2, Robbie 1

The Bring-Him-Home-to-Mom Factor
While both the Amells can be charming, imagine bringing them home. Every sister, female cousin, aunt, and teenaged niece would be vying for Stephen’s attention, while Robbie could woo the whole family with his boy-next-door thing.
Stephen 2, Robbie 2

The Abs
Now, this is a hard one (pun not intended.) Both Stephen and Robbie look fantastic shirtless — though Stephen is more often without a shirt than Robbie on their respective shows — but this one is going to have to go to Stephen. Have you seen those promo shots for Arrow? Even Felicity Smoak agrees with us; her favorite pastime is watching Oliver Queen work out.
Stephen 3, Robbie 2

Winner: Stephen Amell!

(Sorry Robbie, we still love you.)

Source: Hollywood.com

Oct 17, 2013

First Wednesdays on CW, then the world for Amell cousins

Tomorrow is now for the Amell cousins.

“We were shooting a promo for ‘Amell Wednesdays,’ and they had us doing this back and forth with our last name, Amell-tastic and all this stuff,” recalls Robbie Amell, star of the new series The Tomorrow People. Robbie’s cousin, Stephen Amell, is the star of Arrow.

“And we were sitting there and we were going over the lines they gave us, and we were like, ‘This is insane,’” Robbie adds. “It’s crazy for one of us to be the lead of a show, but the odds for both of us to be the lead of a show are astronomical.

“Same network, same night, back-to-back, same executive producers, same genre. It’s unbelievable.”

The Tomorrow People debuted Wednesday, Oct. 9 on CW and CTV. Also Wednesday on those same two channels, Arrow returns for its second season. Both Robbie, 25, and Stephen, 32, originally are from Toronto, so this is quite the family-focused Canadian invasion for a pair of high-profile series that originate on a U.S. network.

“It’s a massive step for me — I told Stephen when he booked Arrow that it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Robbie says with a laugh. “I’m very excited about it.

“The people I’m working with are great, (executive producer) Greg Berlanti is incredible, I worked with him a while ago on Brothers and Sisters. And that was kind of my first adult role coming off of Drew Patterson (Robbie’s role in the 2008 made-for-TV movie Picture This with Ashley Tisdale). So it’s nice that the person who gave me my first adult role off of a kids’ show also is giving me potentially my big break.”

It’s a small world, though, so if you’re a good guy to work with in the acting game, people remember.

“And if you’re an a——, they’ll remember you even more,” Robbie points out.

Based on a British series of the same name, The Tomorrow People has Robbie Amell playing Stephen Jameson, a supposedly normal teenager who begins hearing voices and teleporting in his sleep. Turns out he’s not imagining things, and he’s not alone.

“The closest thing to (The Tomorrow People) was Heroes, and that was a while ago,” Robbie says. “And while there are some little similarities, the two shows are very different.

“One thing that’s nice about this show is that the people making it want it to feel as if it’s grounded in reality. So no matter how amazing those super powers are, or how incredible the fight scenes are, they want it to seem like, what would happen if this really were happening in real life? Would people be able to accept someone with super powers?”

As for the Amell invasion, I have to ask, are there any more cousins? Are we looking at a Kardashian situation here?

“Stephen and I both have sisters,” Robbie says. “He has a younger sister and I have an older sister.”

Well, for now we have The Tomorrow People and Arrow. Stayed tuned for Keeping Up With The Amells.

Source: St. Albert Leader

Oct 10, 2013

Robbie Amell Is One Of ‘The Tomorrow People’ And A Hump Day Hottie

Robbie Amell hits small screens this week in The CW’s new series “The Tomorrow People.” Robbie has special powers on the show, and we have to say he has them in real life too. What are they? Among them, the power to make us weak in the knees. To honor this special ability, we’re naming him this week’s Hump Day Hottie.

Check out this dreamy photo of Robbie, and keep reading for more details about him!

Vital stats: The 25-year-old actor grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. When he was a teenager, he began acting and also attended the Canadian Studios Acting Academy and Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute.

And if the last name Amell sounds familiar, well that’s because Robbie is “Arrow” star (and former Hump Day Hottie) Stephen Amell’s cousin. Good looks run in the family!

Where you might have already seen him: Robbie has appeared all over TV, including roles on shows like “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous,” “1600 Penn,” “Alcatraz,” “Revenge” and “True Jackson, VP.” Additionally, he recently appeared alongside Chris Colfer in “Struck by Lightning,” which the “Glee” actor wrote.

Why you should take notice of him now: This week he stars as Stephen Jameson in “The Tomorrow People.” It’s kind of like “X-Men.” The show is based on the British series of the same name, which aired in the 1970s. It’s about young people with special powers. How’d they get them? Well, evolution.

By the way, the show airs the same night as “Arrow.” Wednesdays mean twice your Amell pleasure, twice your Amell fun.

“It’s really crazy when you think about it, but I’ve been pretty lucky,” he told The Toronto Star. “What are the odds of landing a show like this, much less having two people from the same family in Toronto in shows that are not just on the same network but right after each other?”

Source: Hollywood Crush

Oct 9, 2013

5 Reasons To Love Robbie Amell’s Action Series

Make room on your DVRs, nerds! ‘The Tomorrow People’ are coming, and you’re going to love them.

I already put The CW’s The Tomorrow People on HollywoodLife.com‘s Top 10 New Fall Shows list, but because it’s premiering tonight at 9 p.m., allow me to give you five more reasons to tune into what I’m sure will be your new sci-fi addiction. Robbie Amell stars in this remake of the ’70s British series, the story of a teen who discovers he has super-human abilities — and that he’s not alone. With executive producers Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec at the helm, The Tomorrow People is one of the coolest shows of the new season.

‘The Tomorrow People’: 5 Reasons To Watch
1. Robbie Amell: I’ve enjoyed Robbie in previous projects — he was always a highlight of Nickelodeon’s True Jackson, V.P. for me – but I feel The Tomorrow People is the perfect vehicle to showcase his wide range of talents. He gets to be angsty, he gets to be funny, he gets to be shirtless (more on that below) and he gets to kick ass all at the same time. I believe a new action star has officially been born.

2. The LOLs: “We’re called the Tomorrow People. … We didn’t choose the name, believe me.” That line, spoken by Peyton List‘s Cara, is one of the funniest lines from the pilot — but it’s certainly not the only funny line. For as intense as the show can get at times, there’s also an air of comedy that serves to balance the mood.

3. The special effects: Bad CGI can be the kiss of death for even the best sci-fi/fantasy TV shows, but fortunately, that’s not something The Tomorrow People has to worry about. Whether the Tomorrow Peeps are teleporting, levitating or slowing their enemies to a screeching halt, nothing looks silly or forced or fake. By the end of the pilot, you will find yourself trying to make things move with your mind. Trust me.

4. The backstory: Like all good origin stories, The Tomorrow People hinges largely on complex characters with even more complex relationships, especially when it comes to Stephen. And just when you think you know how the pilot is going to end, based on what you learn throughout the episode, a pretty big curve ball is thrown. And it’s a cool one.

5. The nip slips: I’m not saying a CW show has to show skin to be successful, but in the case of The Tomorrow People, it certainly isn’t hurting. Much like his clothing-optional cousin, Robbie mysteriously loses his shirt approximately five times throughout the course of the pilot — and I don’t anticipate too many people complaining about that.

Source: Hollywood Life

Oct 9, 2013

CW is keeping it all in the Amell family

CW’s Wednesday dramas ‘Arrow’ and ‘Tomorrow People’ feature cousins Stephen and Robbie.
SAN DIEGO — When first cousins star in their own TV shows on the same night and network – Stephen Amell on Arrow and Robbie Amell on The Tomorrow People (CW, Wednesday) – a little one-upsmanship isn’t surprising.

“Well, I do have one superpower,” Stephen, 32, says of his green-hooded Oliver Queen, who credits his character’s resolve to surviving five trying years on a remote island. “I have no fear anymore of anything.”

“I have (a bevy) of superpowers. It’s awesome,” Robbie, 25, says of his character, Stephen Jameson, whose skills include telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis.

Stephen seeks an advantage. “It kind of rings hollow if you don’t have a superhero suit.”

Robbie pauses for a comeback, thinking about Jameson and his fellow Tomorrow People. “They have leather jackets.”

The banter is constant as the Toronto natives, who look and act like brothers (their fathers are) , discuss second-year Arrow — which last season followed Oliver’s efforts at vengeance after years in exile — and freshman People, about youths with extraordinary powers who represent the next phase in human evolution. Both series premiere this week.

The senior-junior dynamic goes beyond the actors’ ages and their series’ tenures to the characters themselves, says Arrow and People executive producer Greg Berlanti, who joined the Amells for an interview at Comic-Con in July.

“What’s so exciting for me about having them on the same night is that they’re two different kinds of actors, two different kinds of people and two different kinds of heroes,” he says. “One is sort of the more boyish hero, coming into manhood, and the other is a wounded man who’s come home a changed person and is trying to redeem himself and find his humanity again.”

Berlanti knew Robbie from an appearance on his former ABC series Brothers and Sisters, and met Stephen in an audition session for Oliver. After he cast Stephen, Berlanti helped Robbie get a green card so he could work in the United States.

Now, both actors are shooting in Vancouver. “That’s the punch line,” Berlanti says. “We immediately sent them both back to Canada.”

Stephen says Season 2 of Arrow feels like a new show, as it follows Oliver in the aftermath of his failure to save part of the Glades section of Starling City from destruction and the death of his closest friend, Tommy Merlyn.

“As much of a catalyst as spending five years on an island was for him, the death of Tommy is bigger. And it’s going to impact everything that he does and the person that he’s trying to be,” Stephen says. “We have all of our returning characters, but every single one of them is in a very different place.” Oliver’s mother Moira, played by Susanna Thompson, “is in prison and Oliver is not even in Starling City at the beginning of the season. It’s a very different show.”

Berlanti sees continuing transformation for Oliver on Arrow, which last season was CW’s most-watched show (4.4 million) and trailed only The Vampire Diaries among young-adult viewers.

“The show’s always been very much a journey from the character we meet in the pilot, which is almost a prisoner of war, a vigilante, to becoming the hero that we know, the Green Arrow,” he says. “Last year was about revenge and this year the city needs something very different. And his journey is a little bit more hopeful there. Concurrently, we’re watching his adventures on the island, where he’s getting darker and darker because he had to become more of an animal to survive. So, as he darkens there, hopefully he can regrow some of his humanity at home.”

On People, a confused Jameson, adjusting to his new powers, must decide whether to go underground with the Tomorrow People or enlist with his uncle, Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino), who is hunting them down.

“All of these Tomorrow People come from a really damaged situation, because they all thought they were losing their minds. They were hearing people in their heads,” Robbie says. “My mom – I can’t tell her I have superpowers – still wants me on my medication. I’m good, but what reason does she have to believe me? I didn’t just wake up one morning and get better.”

One thing the cousins’ characters have in common is a propensity to go shirtless. Stephen says that makes sense for Oliver, including upcoming flashback scenes from his time on the island.

“The thing that really should be jarring about that is that he has three scars. And now, in the present, he’s got like 30 scars on his body. So it’s an important part of the story. (And) the three tattoos he has, they all mean something.”

Pushed on the hunk factor involved, he concedes: “It is TV. We’re not mapping the human genome. We’re trying to entertain people.”

Berlanti interrupts. “On Tomorrow People, we actually are mapping the human genome, just so you know.”

Robbie goes shirtless to comic effect in Episode 2.

“I hop out of the shower and (fellow People rebel) Cara (Peyton List) is talking to me telepathically, but I think she’s in the room,” he says. “So I freak out and I flip around and I’m only in a towel. It’s that sort of thing where I’m still learning these powers. I’m not a stud yet. I’m not Stephen in Arrow.”

Stephen counters, “I come out of the shower with purpose,” and promotes a workout regimen that includes personal training, yoga and parkour. “You should join. It’s great,” he tells his cousin.

“I’ll give it a shot,” Robbie says, unenthusiastically.

“Guess what?” Stephen says. “You’re not going to be 25 forever, pal.”

Source: USA Today