Fiancé & Bucket List Talk With ‘THE DUFF’ Actor Robbie Amell

What are the last three things you charged on your credit card?
Breakfast, hockey equipment, and something for my fiancé.

What’s the next two things you want to check off your bucket list?
Travel to Bora Bora, star in an action movie.

What are you singing in the shower nowadays?
Nothing. If you heard me sing you would agree it’s for the best.

What were your New Year’s resolutions?
No deep fried foods for a little while and to wake up earlier.

Which app do you use most often?
Twitter, Instagram and Clash Of Clans. I’m a nerd.

How did you make your first dollar?
I can’t remember. But my first job was caddying and cleaning golf clubs.

What are your 5 tips on not being the DUFF?
5!? I don’t have 5 tips for anything. But just be yourself and spend time with friends who like you for you. Then you can’t be the duff.

What type of women are you most attracted to?

Source: Galore Mag

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