Italia Ricci & Robbie Amell: Rango Valentine’s Day Date

Italia Ricci cuddles close to Robbie Amell as they step out at the Rango premiere held at Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles on Monday night (February 14).

JJJ recently caught up with the couple earlier this month and asked about their plans for Valentine’s Day.

Italia told us, “We were going to go away, but… I don’t know. Last year, I got him a magic bullet for Valentine’s Day. He uses it a lot for his protein shakes and everything. I’m not a romantic girly-girl. I don’t like flowers. The smell reminds me of funeral homes. That sounds so morbid (laughs). But he [Robbie] does get creative — bringing home all these weird flowers, the ones that don’t require direct sunlight.”

Robbie shared, “I have no clue what I’m doing. She doesn’t drop any hints at all. I will plan something but it’s pilot season so we can’t really go away. We would love to; I hear Hawaii is beautiful any time of year. If we weren’t in pilot season, I would so say ‘Let’s go to Hawaii for five days. Happy Valentine’s Day.’”

Source: Just Jared, Jr.

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