Hanging on The Set of True Jackson VP

Fanlala always has a blast on the set of True Jackson, VP! We know we can expect fun and laughs when Matt Shively, Ashley Argota, Keke Palmer, and Robbie Amell are around! We got to hear first hand all the excitement straight from the colorful set of this cool Nickelodeon show.

We first had to ask Keke about her take on the kiss with Robbie Amell’s character “Jimmy.” We told her we had heard from other cast mates that she had been asking to kiss Robbie on the show since it started. Keke laughed and said she was all talk and no show in that situation. We disagree after seeing it on-screen! After laughing about her nerves in doing that scene, we talked to her about her Fall Fashion advice and where she sees the cast in 10 years!

We got Robbie and Matt to stop joking around with each other long enough to sit down and chat about their work day and all the fun that goes on behind the scenes. Robbie got Matt pretty good once with a major wedgie, but Matt assured us that he got Robbie back by throwing a steak in his face! Matt also told us that family and friends refer to him as “Banana Peel” since he is always falling on the show. He explained to us the art of falling well on camera. What do you guys think of his hilarious physical comedy?

Ashley Argota then chatted with us about the popcorn machine on set in True’s office. She told us we shouldn’t eat it because it was quite old! She also told us that during her downtime from the show, she will be working on her music! We can’t wait to hear more, Ash!

Stay tuned for more of our fun from our time on the set of True Jackson, VP. Videos coming soon!

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