Robbie Amell: ‘Regard’ Mag Feature

Robbie Amell suits up sharp for a feature in the newest issue of Regard magazine.

The 25-year-old actor chatted with the mag all about his new CW show, The Tomorrow People.

“It’s my dream role,” he shared. “I get super powers! It’s not just that, though. The people involved are incredible, the scripts are amazing and I love where we are headed with the show.”

Robbie added, “It’s nice to play a character who, although lives in this fantastic world and has these super powers, is very grounded in reality.”

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Photos: The Tomorrow People 1×04 Stills

I’ve just added some episode stills for next week’s episode.

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Robbie Amell Says He’s Scared to Hold Stephen Amell’s New Baby

Robbie Amell stars on The CW’s new show The Tomorrow People, joining Arrow star and cousin Stephen Amell on the Wednesday night lineup, which fans have dubbed #AmellWednesdays.

And with the arrival of Stephen and wife Cassandra Jean‘s little baby girl Mavi Alexandra Jean Amell on October 15, does Robbie see himself taking on babysitting duties any time soon?

Robbie gushes to On Air with Ryan Seacrest that he’s met the little bundle of joy and admits she’s the cutest ever … but he’s not too confident when it comes to his sitting skills.

“I have a phobia of holding babies,” the 25-year-old jokes. ”I’m just terrified of dropping them, so I told him if I ever babysit we’re setting up a bed full of pillows and I’m not leaving that one area while they’re gone.”

He might be unsure, but we think Robbie would look quite cute holding a baby!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

Photos: The Tomorrow People 1×03 Captures

I’ve just added screen captures from last night’s episode of The Tomorrow People into the gallery.

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First Wednesdays on CW, then the world for Amell cousins

Tomorrow is now for the Amell cousins.

“We were shooting a promo for ‘Amell Wednesdays,’ and they had us doing this back and forth with our last name, Amell-tastic and all this stuff,” recalls Robbie Amell, star of the new series The Tomorrow People. Robbie’s cousin, Stephen Amell, is the star of Arrow.

“And we were sitting there and we were going over the lines they gave us, and we were like, ‘This is insane,’” Robbie adds. “It’s crazy for one of us to be the lead of a show, but the odds for both of us to be the lead of a show are astronomical.

“Same network, same night, back-to-back, same executive producers, same genre. It’s unbelievable.”

The Tomorrow People debuted Wednesday, Oct. 9 on CW and CTV. Also Wednesday on those same two channels, Arrow returns for its second season. Both Robbie, 25, and Stephen, 32, originally are from Toronto, so this is quite the family-focused Canadian invasion for a pair of high-profile series that originate on a U.S. network.

“It’s a massive step for me — I told Stephen when he booked Arrow that it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Robbie says with a laugh. “I’m very excited about it.

“The people I’m working with are great, (executive producer) Greg Berlanti is incredible, I worked with him a while ago on Brothers and Sisters. And that was kind of my first adult role coming off of Drew Patterson (Robbie’s role in the 2008 made-for-TV movie Picture This with Ashley Tisdale). So it’s nice that the person who gave me my first adult role off of a kids’ show also is giving me potentially my big break.”

It’s a small world, though, so if you’re a good guy to work with in the acting game, people remember.

“And if you’re an a——, they’ll remember you even more,” Robbie points out.

Based on a British series of the same name, The Tomorrow People has Robbie Amell playing Stephen Jameson, a supposedly normal teenager who begins hearing voices and teleporting in his sleep. Turns out he’s not imagining things, and he’s not alone.

“The closest thing to (The Tomorrow People) was Heroes, and that was a while ago,” Robbie says. “And while there are some little similarities, the two shows are very different.

“One thing that’s nice about this show is that the people making it want it to feel as if it’s grounded in reality. So no matter how amazing those super powers are, or how incredible the fight scenes are, they want it to seem like, what would happen if this really were happening in real life? Would people be able to accept someone with super powers?”

As for the Amell invasion, I have to ask, are there any more cousins? Are we looking at a Kardashian situation here?

“Stephen and I both have sisters,” Robbie says. “He has a younger sister and I have an older sister.”

Well, for now we have The Tomorrow People and Arrow. Stayed tuned for Keeping Up With The Amells.

Source: St. Albert Leader

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