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Military Dog Drama ‘Max’ Comes to Theaters in January

The big screen drama Max, from MGM, tells a story inspired by true life events centering on a working military dog named Max, who is traumatized after his handler dies in Afghanistan, and his relationship with the handler’s bereaved family. When Max, a Belgian Shepherd Malinois, returns to the U.S. from active service following his handler’s death, he is adopted by the Marine’s bereaved family and becomes particularly close to his younger brother, Justin, a troubled and wayward 14-year-old.

With Max continuing to suffer from trauma and exhibiting erratic behavior, the friendship is clearly as beneficial to the K-9 as it is to the boy. In addition to the relationship providing comfort that heals deep emotional wounds, new information is brought to light concerning the Marine’s death, and Justin and Max team up to unravel a secret.

Starring as Justin is Josh Wiggins (Hellion). Also starring is veteran film and TV actor Thomas Haden Church, who was last seen in the spiritual movie Heaven is for Real, along with Lauren Graham (Parenthood), Robbie Amell (1600 Penn and The Flash), and Joseph Julian Soria (Supernatual).

Writing and directing this family adventure film is Boaz Yakin, best known for writing the 2013 crime mystery Now You See Me. His most high-profile project as a director was Remember the Titans. Collaborating on the screenplay for this new movie was Sheldon Lettich (Rambo III).

Max will arrive in theaters nationwide Jan. 30, 2015.


Photos: The Flash 1×03 Captures

I’ve just added screen captures from last night’s episode of The Flash into the gallery. Hope you all enjoyed the episode!

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Photos: Noche De Ninos – Children’s Hospital Gala

Robbie and Italia attended the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ Gala: Noche De Ninos at LA Live last night and I’ve just added photos from the event into the gallery.

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Photos: The Flash 1×03 Episode Stills

I’ve just added episode stills from the first appearance of Robbie’s character in The Flash into the gallery.

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Robbie Amell Talks Engagement to Italia Ricci, Spills Details on New Show ‘The Flash’

It’s a great time to be Robbie Amell!

Our next Celebuzz 2014 Breakout Star just recently got engaged to his girlfriend, Italia Ricci, and now Robbie’s appearing on a new show, The Flash. Robbie plays Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm on the show and we can’t wait to see him in action! Both personally and professionally, Robbie’s living the good life! We were lucky enough to talk to Robbie about all of his accomplishments and he gave us the inside scoop on his engagement and his new show!

Robbie and his longtime love Italia just recently got engaged, so are they in the planning process right now? Robbie revealed to us that they’re enjoying this time together and they’re planning on a long engagement! If Italia’s name sounds familiar to you, it’s because she’s an actress! She’s on an amazing ABC Family show called Chasing Life. We asked Robbie if he’s a fan of Italia’s show, and so much more, in the interview below! Plus, Robbie even talked to us about possibly working with his cousin, Arrow star! Check it out and enjoy!

CB: We love Italia’s show, Chasing Life, are you a big fan?
RA: I’m a huge fan, I’ve seen a couple of the new episodes that are coming out. I’ve seen the Christmas episode that airs in December and the first episode of the back 10. It’s fantastic. Some of those scenes are tough to watch, to watch her (Italia) pretend to have cancer, it’s difficult. But, it’s a fantastic show.

CB: We’re really excited about your new show The Flash, can you tell us a little bit about your character?
RA: Sure, I’m not allowed to tell you too much. My first episode is episode three, it’s very much my introduction episode, you only see my through flashbacks. I play one of the lead girls, Danielle Panabaker, I play her fiancé. They actually talk about my character in the pilot. She thinks she lost her fiancé during the storm, the storm that gives people powers. During the flashbacks you get to see the events of the storm from a different point of view. And then I go away for a little while and then I come back. And I have a full body scan on Friday, a full body scan to give me my powers. So it’s cool we have the same Visual Effects Supervisor on The Flash as we did on The Tomorrow People. Armen (V. Kevorkian), who is amazing, is really excited about it. >Greg Berlanti (producer) keeps dropping me little tidbits of information. I couldn’t be more excited about it, I’ve got a really cool part coming up in the upcoming episodes. I wish I could tell you more about it! I’m kind of not supposed to tell much at all. The character’s really fun. When I booked the part my mom, who had never been in a comic book store, she bought me like seven Firestorm comic books and a Firestorm action figure. DC Comics sent me a Firestorm care package, it was very cool. It’s fun to be the first person to play this character in a live action.

CB: Are you excited to be back on the CW?
RA: Yeah it will be cool. I keep saying to Greg (Berlanti) that I want to crossover to Arrow. I don’t know if it will ever happen but maybe Stephen (Amell) and I can get on the screen at the same time, or be in the same episode in the Flash crossover stuff. But it’s also nice just to be back in Vancouver, you know The Tomorrow People shot there and Arrow shoots there. It’s an incredible crew and cast. The crew on The Flash is about 70 percent Tomorrow People.

CB: This has a really great cast, had you met any of them prior to shooting?
RA: No, it was funny, when I first got there I had been tweeting a little bit with Grant, congratulating him and just watching him go through the pilot process and everything. When I actually met him I just walked up and gave him a big hug and I was like, “Nice to actually meet you!” I felt like we had been buddies. And Danielle is so sweet, she’s been incredible to work with. She’s really good friends with Aaron Yoo who was on The Tomorrow People. He said immediately how sweet she was. So yeah we’ve got a really great cast, really good people. It’s been a fun project to be apart of.

CB: We know you’ve worked with a lot of amazing actors so far in your career, but who are some of your dream co-stars?
RA: I’d love to work with a few. I’d really love to work with Michael Caine. I’d love to work with Josh Gad and Jason Segel, who are incredibly funny. I’d love to work with my fiancé and definitely my cousin. And then Tom Cruise is incredible. Anything with Michael Caine would be amazing, Robert Downey Jr.

CB: You just need all be in one movie and you can cross them off the list.
RA: I just need to be in the Avengers and that would take care of most of them!

Now that would be great! What do you think? Should we start the campaign for Robbie to be in the next Avengers movie? Sound off in the comments!

Don’t forget to watch The Flash when it premieres on Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. on the CW!

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