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Robbie Amell & Italia Ricci: Kinect-ed Couple

Italia Ricci keeps close to boyfriend Robbie Amell as they attend the Kinect for Xbox 360 Launch Party held at a private residence in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon (October 23).

Italia, 23, just returned from a trip to Europe with her friends and JJJ can’t wait to hear all about it! We’ll be seeing both Robbie and Italia at Variety’s Power of Youth Event TODAY!

Robbie’s newest television flick, Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, brought in huge ratings and was Cartoon Network’s #1 telecast of the year! Woohoo!

Source: Just Jared, Jr.

Robbie Amell: Shirtless for Scooby-Doo!

Robbie Amell goes shirtless in this still from the television movie Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster, which premiered on Cartoon Network on Saturday (October 16).

The 22-year-old actor is a regular on the Nickelodeon series True Jackson, V.P. and plays Fred in the reboot of the Scooby-Doo film series.

In Curse of the Lake Monster, Scooby and the gang are back to break a legendary curse! When a creepy lake monster attacks Erie Point, it’s up to Shaggy, Scooby, Velma, Fred and Daphne to unmask the mystery.

FYI: Scooby brought in huge ratings and was Cartoon Network’s #1 telecast of the year! Congrats to Robby and the rest of the cast and crew!

Source: Just Jared

“Scooby-Doo! Curse of the Lake Monster” Premiere Scores 5.1 Million Viewers

Congrats the the cast for a booming premiere evening!

SCOOBY-DOO! CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER Scorches All Kids’ Competition

As Cartoon Network’s #1 Telecast of the Year

Original Live-Action/CG-Animated Movie Ranks #1 Among Every Kids, Boys & Girls Demo;

Builds Ratings/Delivery Each Half-Hour

Premiere Scores as Cartoon Network’s Top-Performing Telecast Since 2009’s Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins

Scaring away all competition across its two-hour original movie premiere (7-8:50 p.m.), Cartoon Network’s SCOOBY-DOO! CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER resoundingly captured all kids, boys and girls demos to rank not only #1 within its Saturday night time period, but as the #1 Cartoon Network telecast of the year to date, according to preliminary overnight data from Nielsen Media Research. The live-action and CG-animated film from Warner Premiere averaged more than five million viewers ages 2+ and nearly three million kids ages 2-11, beating all other competitive kids networks. The performance also ranks as the most-watched telecast among targeted viewers since 2009’s original movie, Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins (9/13/09).

Out-performing the competition among kids and boys by monstrous triple digits, SCOOBY-DOO! CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER averaged the following results: viewers 2+ (1.7 / 5,128,000), kids 2-11 (6.6 / 2,728,000), kids 6-11 (7.5 / 1,862,000), kids 9-14 (5.5 / 1,337,000), boys 2-11 (7.9 / 1,690,000), boys 6-11 (9.5 / 1,209,000), boys 9-14 (6.6 / 824,000), girls 2-11 (5.1 / 1,038,000), girls 6-11 (5.4 / 653,000) and girls 9-14 (4.3 / 513,000). Ratings and delivery for the movie premiere among kids and boys demos also continued to grow each half-hour, including a remarkable 28% from the first half-hour to the final 20 minutes among boys 6-11.

“There’s not a harder-working dog in show business, nor one that continues to top the ratings charts like Scooby-Doo,” said Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of Turner Broadcasting’s Animation, Young Adults and Kids Media. “We couldn’t be more pleased that kids and families once again responded in near-record numbers to this latest adventure.”

SCOOBY-DOO! CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER finds the familiar Mystery Inc. gang heading toward summer jobs at a country club owned by Daphne’s uncle, only to stumble onto strange happenings around the local lake—including mystical moonstones, creepy characters and a Frog Monster on the loose. There’s mystery afoot and romance in the air that only the fearful foursome-plus-one—group leader Fred, lovely Daphne, brainiac Velma, soulful yet fun-loving Shaggy and the cowardly but ever-hungry Scooby-Doo—can solve.

Director Brian Levant (Snow Dogs, The Flintstones), producer Brian J. Gilbert (Wrong Turn) and writers Steven Altiere and Daniel Altiere (Dr. Dolittle: A Tinsel Town Tail, Gym Teacher: The Movie) each returned from the creative helm of Scooby-Doo! The Mystery Begins for SCOOBY-DOO! CURSE OF THE LAKE MONSTER. The Atlas Entertainment/ Nine/8 Entertainment /Telvan Productions production also featured the live-action cast returning intact with Robbie Amell (True Jackson, VP) as Fred, Hayley Kiyoko (Unfabulous) as Velma, Kate Melton (Lucy: A Period Piece) as Daphne and Nick Palatas (Love) as Shaggy. Scooby-Doo appeared via computer-generated animation courtesy of Animation Picture Company, and voiced by veteran artist Frank Welker, a member of the original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! voice cast.

Cartoon Network (, currently seen in more than 97 million U.S. homes and 166 countries around the world, is Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.’s ad-supported cable service now available in HD offering the best in original, acquired and classic entertainment for youth and families. Nightly from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. (ET, PT), Cartoon Network shares its channel space with Adult Swim, a late-night destination showcasing original and acquired animated and live-action series for young adults 18-34.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., a Time Warner company, creates and programs branded news, entertainment, animation and young adult media environments on television and other platforms for consumers around the world.


SOURCE: Turner Entertainment Research from Preliminary Nielsen Media Research data, based on most current data available (Live+SD). Complete and final data (Live+7) will be available in two weeks. These television ratings data are reproduced here with permission from Nielsen Media Research. Reproduction of these data in volume, without permission from Nielsen Media Research, is prohibited.

NOTES: All ratings based on Total U.S. Television Universe of 114,500,000 homes.

Source: Nick and More

Robbie Amell Takes This Week’s Top Tweet!

It’s Friday, which means it’s another week of the “Top 5 Tweets of the Week” from some of your favorite celebs. See what this week’s top stars are tweeting about!
Taking the top tweet is “True Jackson, VP” star Robbie Amell with his tweet about the upcoming premiere of “Scooby Doo & Curse of the Lake Monster,” which premieres TOMORROW, Saturday, October 16 at 7 p.m. PT/ET on Cartoon Network. In the second spot is “American Idol” host, Ryan Seacrest with his tweet about the heroic efforts in Chile that eventually saved all 33 minors. Taking the third spot is “iCarly” starlet Miranda Cosgrove with her tweet about getting to carve a “Mailbu” pumpkin, which she’s always wanted to carve! Have you started carving pumpkins for this upcoming Halloween?

Number four goes to “Victorious” star Ariana Grande with her tweet on how excited she is for you the fans to hear her brand-new music that she is currently writing! And in the final spot is “Big Time Rush” cutie Carlos Pena with his adorable tweet about how much fun he had on the “Today Show” on Monday (October 11) and how he thanks you for coming out to the show! He also wanted to know, do you guys like the new “Big Time Rush” album?

You can check out the top tweets below!

Source: Fanlala

Robbie’s Interview with Miss Exclusive

I don’t know how I didn’t find this interview sooner, but Miss Exclusive interviewed Robbie back in June. Check it out!

Miss Exclusive: Tell people who don’t watch True Jackson VP what the show is about.
Robbie Amell: It’s about a young girl (True – Keke Palmer) who becomes the vice president of a fashion company. Her struggles with school, work and friends. I play Jimmy Madigan her love interest who works in the mailroom at the office and nephew to the President of the company Max Madigan.

Miss Exclusive: You play Jimmy Madigan on the show… what is he like?
Robbie Amell: He’s a bit of an oddball. Jimmy is very passionate which is a good thing. But it’s often for a weird hobby. He’s definitely a weird weird dude. Also Jimmy is in a band called Fire and Ice… he’s not very good at anything to do with music.

Miss Exclusive: Are you at all like your TV persona?
Robbie Amell: Only in the laid back relaxed side of his personality… most of the other things are pretty big stretch.

Miss Exclusive: Do you have a favorite True Jackson VP episode?
Robbie Amell: Yes! It’s when my character gets to try stand up comedy! Better hope it goes better than his music career.

Miss Exclusive: Now, you’re often cast as the love interest… do you ever get sick of that? Or is it flattering?
Robbie Amell: A little… but I’m not going to bite the hand that feeds me. I would love to shave my head and play a darker role, or put on some fake tattoos and play an inmate or something, sure… but for the time at hand, I’m not going to complain about being the “love interest”.

Miss Exclusive: Tell us something that not a lot of people know (but would care to know) about you!
Robbie Amell: I was a Hanes underwear model… when I was in about the 3rd grade. I hope those pictures never surface!

Miss Exclusive: What’s your favorite thing to do on set?
Robbie Amell: Play xbox… I recently put an xbox 360 in my dressing room. It’s like I’m at home when I have a break between scenes.

Miss Exclusive: You’ve worked with a ton of people on movies or on TV… do you have a favorite costar?
Robbie Amell: Eugene Levy played my dad in Cheaper by the Dozen 2, that was amazing! He was hysterical and the nicest guy you could imagine. Also on the set of Cheaper 2, I met Jonathan Bennett (Mean Girls). He has become the older brother I never had. But I’ve been really lucky with costars… I’m even dating a girl I met while shooting one of my first movies!

Miss Exclusive: What can you tell us about Scooby Doo 2: Curse of the Lake Monster?
Robbie Amell: It’s amazing! The title says it all. We have to solve one of the classic Scooby Doo mysteries, the “Curse of the Lake Monster !” We just wrapped 2 weeks ago, April 16. We had so much fun shooting, same cast and director so everyone was a lot more comfortable. I’ve seen some clips, and it looks fantastic. It’s bigger, better and there’s a lot more action!

Miss Exclusive: What can we look forward to in 2010 from you?
Robbie Amell: Hopefully, a lot more of me on screen. We still have another 12 episodes of True Jackson left to shoot in season 2, then we hope to hear about a season 3. Also we would all love to do another Scooby Doo movie. Other than that, I’d love to shoot something where I get a little dirt under my nails, something I can sink my teeth into! Fingers Crossed 🙂

Miss Exclusive: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Robbie Amell: Ideally, signing my contract to play a superhero for 9 years and at least 3 movies… Superman, The Flash, who knows…

Miss Exclusive also interviewed Italia, if you’d like to read her interview, click here.

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